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Trading Posts
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Trading Posts
The fur trade was an important industry in the area for many years. The Forts acted as key cultural linkages between First Nations and early European settlers.

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Fort Grahame and Fort Ware - Fort Grahame (1890) and Fort Ware served as supply centres for areas along the Finlay River.

Finlay Forks - Finlay Forks was a key trading post and settlement located at the confluence of the Finlay and Parsnip Rivers.

Fort McLeod - Located on McLeod Lake, Fort McLeod was one of B.C.'s first and most busy trading posts. It served the areas around the Crooked and Parsnip Rivers..

Trappers - Some of the earliest settlers moved into the Mackenzie area to trap fur-bearing animals, including mink, lynx and fox.

First Nations - The original people of the area have an innate understanding of their environment.

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