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Along the Tote Road
During the construction of the railways, the Tote Road was used to move people and supplies to the various construction sites. Small towns were built along this road that would eventually become the railway.

Themes List

Lucerne - Lucerne all but disappeared when the Canadian Northern Railway decided to consolidate operations in Jasper in 1923.

Red Pass - Red Pass once served as a major work camp for both the Canadian Northern and Grand Trunk Pacific Railways.

Tete Jaune - Tete Jaune was the junction between the Tote Road and the sternwheelers and scows that would move supplies up the Fraser River.

Albreda - The Albreda summit is the highest point of land between the Fraser River and the North Thompson River.

Valemount - This 'Valley in the Mountains' was first homesteaded in 1907 and continues to be the home of many settlers.

Croydon - Croydon was an agricultural and forestry community with a train station, and a ferry crossing on the Fraser River.

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